Keep Dropbox

On April 9th, Dropbox announced that Condoleezza Rice will be joining their Board of Directors. Dropbox's CEO, Drew Houston, posted the following message:

..We're proud to welcome Dr. Condoleezza Rice to our Board of Directors. When looking to grow our board, we sought out a leader who could help us expand our global footprint. Dr. Rice has had an illustrious career as Provost of Stanford University, board member of companies like Hewlett Packard and Charles Schwab, and former United States Secretary of State. We’re honored to be adding someone as brilliant and accomplished as Dr. Rice to our team.

Well good for them!

#DropDropbox Partisans

A small but vocal group of partisans disagree with the hiring of Condoleeza Rice, and are attempting to bully Dropbox into firing her. Regardless of how you feel about Condolezza Rice, attempting to hound people out of private jobs because of political disagreement reeks of totalitarianism, hate, and intolerance. It is behavior that ought to disturb all freedom loving, tolerant, and open-minded peoples.

Don't give in to those disconcerting groups and individuals who consider themselves bastions of moral and political purity. Don't be bullied. Keep Condoleeza Rice.

Encourage Drew Houston: keep Condoleezza Rice

Tell Drew Houston: Keep Condoleezza Rice and keep building awesome tools. We'll #KeepDropbox.

Photo of Drew Houston by the Financial Times. Condoleezza Rice photo by the US State Department and is public domain. Dropbox logo is trademark Dropbox Inc. and used under the Fair Use doctrine of US Copyright law.